Rules of the house and common policies


The following house rules are valid for all our Life Style apartments. It defines the basic rules to make your stay a pleasant stay in sophisticated atmosphere for all persons involved.

The following house rules have to be respected by guests and other occupants.

The landlord or landlady has the right to make inspections in the apartment/house during your stay. In urgent cases, if damage is suspected or repair is necessary he/she is permitted to enter the apartment without announcement.

The landlord/landlady has the right to terminate the lease immediately in case of any suspicion that willful or careless damages happened in the apartment. In this case prepaid amounts and caution deposits will not be refunded until all necessary repairs will be done and a final receipt is available.

Duration of stay

According to local law a special rental agreement is necessary if the duration of your stay exceeds 2 months.

Number of persons

It is not allowed to exceed the arranged number of persons without permission of the landlord/landlady. In case of agreement the price is subject of change. The surrender of the apartment to a third party requires a written permission and report of name and address.

Ignoring these rules causes the right for the landlord/landlady to close the duration of your stay. For the contrary usage of the agreement during duration of your stay he/she is authorized to request an extra charge.


For keys taken, a deposit per piece can be required. It is the guests duty to pay for lost keys and cover additional costs of changing lock, even if keys will not be left inside the apartment after depart.

Time of rest at night

The usual times of rest between 10.00 pm and 8.00 am in the whole building have to be respected. We courtly ask to not make noise in this time nor use washing machine, dishwasher, play loud music etc. and avoid screaming and shouting in this time to live in peaceful agreement with neighbours in the building

Penalty with costs because of noisy disturbance at night will be compensated with caution deposit


It is the landlords/landladies responsibility to look after the proper reservation and preparation of the apartment. In case of an act of god, or adverse circumstances the landlord/landlady has the right to offer another comparable accommodation. If there is no equivalent object available both sides could cancel the arrangement. The liability of landlord/landlady is limited to the refund of prepaid amounts for rental periods.

In addition, the guest replaces to the landlord all additional expenses caused by his fault.

Guests and their accompanies declare explicitly to use the apartment and all things in the rented object as well as rooms and inventory of the building at their own risk and avoid landlord/landlady of all deduced claims of compensation.

There is no liability for all valuables brought by the guest and their accompanies.

Maintenance and damages in the apartment:

Our guests have the duty to take care of rented rooms an all other equipment and keep them in good shape.

Upcoming faults or danger, which could threaten the rented accommodation or inventory must be reported immediately to the landlord/landlady.

It is not allowed to push or move furniture like chests, sofas, beds, TV and Hifi tools, internet modems and rooters, also removing the connecting cables is prohibited.

The guest is liable for all damages and impairments on the rented rooms or goods, as far as they exceed usual signs of normal usage. This regulation is also valid for all other accompanies which are resident in agreement with landlord/landlady and for damages, which occurred by not purposed accident during the stay (for this issues the guest could present the costs for damage to his insurance company if such is available)

If landlord/landlady or their substitute is not reachable, the guest has to order, in fulfillment of his duty, to order an emergency repair especially in case of damage caused by water. All costs will be refunded by the landlord/landlady, as far as the guest is not guilty of negligence and as long as it relates to the landlords home insurance.


On the day of your departure you are asked to leave the rooms before 10 am.

Cancellation conditions:

We only accept written cancellations. If you cancelled this reservation earlier than 21 days before your arrival we would place the booking account of 30 % of the whole rent to your credit with a value of one year. In this appointed time you could use the amount for another stay in the current year in our apartment.

We cannot book to your credit or return the booking account in case you cancelled your reservation within the last three weeks or if the appointed time has come to an end.

In case of later arrival, earlier depart or if you do not arrive at all we courtly ask your understanding that we would charge the whole rent in spite of this.

Final cleaning

Costs for final cleaning are usually included in our price, except pollution exceeds reasonable demand or if pollution cannot be removed on time and we are not able to finalize cleaning within 3-4 hours after depart, that means early enough to guarantee tidiness and good condition again for next clients. In this case landlord/landlady has the right to compensate this costs with caution deposit.

Additional arrangement:

Should be, or become one of the regulations above partly or fully not legally valid this will not touch the validity of all other regulations. Such regulations will be replaced by other legally valid regulations which fulfill the economic interest of landlords/landladies.

Court of jurisdiction

Court of jurisdiction for all apartments is Vienna